Afloat sign to Missing Link Films, Promo News



Directing duo Afloat - that's Jennifer Sheridan and Matthew Markham – have signed to Missing Link Films, the production company launched in London earlier this year.

Sheridan and Markham are the creators of several acclaimed and award-winning short films, including Rocket, which won the prestigious Virgin Media Shorts Grand Prize, and Acoustic Kitty, winner of the People's Choice Award at the Aesthetica Film Festival in 2015. Earlier this year they directed their debut music video for The Magic Gang's Feeling Better, featured on Promonews - and included as a Video of the Month - and on i-D and HUH.

The pair also work separately – Sheridan is an experienced editor, cutting BAFTA-nominated television, while Markham is a fashion photographer and art director. When they work together they bringing a wide range of knowledge and skills to the visual medium and art of storytelling, often with comedic results. Their latest short, Set Adrift, is now touring various film festivals.

“We're thrilled to have signed Afloat to our roster," says Heather Link, executive producer of Missing Link Films, who set up the production company earlier this year with her husband, producer Ben Link. "We met and fell for them immediately: there was something unique about their work that is so relevant and exciting. I also love that Jen comes from an editing background and Matt is an art director which is a brilliant combination.

"Their love of storytelling and filmmaking drives them to continually write and shoot short films. And they’re dog lovers, so what more could we ask for? They’re definitely ones to watch.”

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