Black is the New Black, a BBC documentary and exhibition by Simon Frederick

Black is the New Black Portraits of People Redefining Modern Britain, is a landmark exhibition and documentary series, created by the photographer and director Simon Frederick. The 4-part series has been commissioned by the BBC and airs in November 2016.


For the first time, we are presented with a point view about being British in Britain today that is not from a white perpsective, but is delivered from and by a celebrated group of our nations achievers and looks at how Black culture is redefining modern Britain.

Frederick’s objective, is not just to show a collection of successful individuals, and this project is more than just a collection celebrities. His aim is to set out to define what it means to be Black, British and successful in Britain today

‘Black is The New Black’ presents alluringly, powerful portraits of forty exceptional Black Britons, whose individual journeys reflect an exciting new chapter in Britain's social and cultural identity. Through its insightful and intimate interviews, it reveals a confident group of individuals whose achievements and identity are no longer defined by the colour of their skin or the institutional prejudice that for so longer has been a barrier to success. We are guided by the subjects themselves how their success has been driven by an ambition born from being both Black and British. Together, under the umbrella of this project, they explore how that cultural combination has given birth to a vibrant new British identity; an identity thats see’s their attitude and style emulated, creating shared values that are identified with by other ethnicities - let alone by a nation, and increasingly, by the world.

Black Is The New Black airs on BBC2 in November 2016, followed by an exhibition of the same name and supported by a collectors edition book.