Black is the New Black Launches on BBC2

Simon Frederick's documentary series Black is the New Black launches this Wednesday on BBC2 at 10pm.


Alluding to the fashion world’s iconic aphorism ‘black will always be the new black’, British director Simon Frederick shines a light on the extraordinary achievements being made by Britain's black community. In a series of still and moving portraits featuring 40 outstanding black Britons, each one notable for his or her amazing personal achievements, this community is now being celebrated by way of this ground breaking series as well as a major exhibition of large scale photographic portraits in early 2017; and the fashion world’s infamous phrase resonates with the poignancy of this project by redefining black culture as more than a subculture, but as an integral part of Britain's DNA.

Highly regarded to be at the vanguard of his discipline, artist, photographer and director Simon Frederick’s work spans from celebrity portraiture to art exhibitions to global advertising campaigns. He conceived the Black is The New Black project as an original idea that has spawned a ground breaking, 4-part BBC Two documentary series, an exhibition supported by The National Portrait Gallery and a collector’s edition book of the same name. He is best known for his recent role as a lead judge and co-presenter alongside Isabella Rossellini on Sky Arts’ programme, Master of Photography.

Black is The New Black Exhibition is in early 2017

Tune in Wednesday's at 22:00 on BBC2. If you miss it, you can catch up on iplayer.